How To Juggle Your Bills When You're Out Of Work For An Injury

If you have recently been injured while you were at work, you could be wondering how you are supposed to pay your bills and support your family while you aren't making a paycheck. It can be hard enough to deal with the pain and suffering of your injury, and your regular bills are probably already starting to pile up. If you have medical bills piling up as well, it might feel like a hopeless cause. Luckily, following these tips can help you juggle your bills while you're out of work. Then, you can focus on healing instead of worrying so much about finances.

File a Workers Compensation Claim

First and foremost, you should get the ball rolling on a workers compensation claim as soon as possible. Workers compensation should pay you your regular wages while you are out of work for a workplace-related injury, which can help you cover your bills and medical expenses. Someone from the human resources department at your job should be able to help, or you can hire an attorney from a firm like Bisogno & Meyerson to assist you.

Talk to Your Creditors About Your Situation

Don't ignore the situation or assume that your creditors won't understand. Many loan companies, utility companies and other creditors will be willing to work with you during this trying time, especially if you have always paid your bills on time. Gather up necessary paperwork to prove that you have been injured and that you are going through the healing process, and visit your creditors' offices or get them on the phone. You might be able to work out surprisingly favorable arrangements if you're willing to communicate.

Consider Work-at-Home Options

Although you might not be able to make as much money as you are accustomed to making, there are some at-home jobs that you can do to bring in a little bit of money while you're recovering. For example, you may be able to write or edit articles online to make a little bit of money, or you can make crafts and sell them online or at local craft fairs. Along with making a little bit of cash to help keep your family afloat, you may also find a new and enjoyable hobby that can help keep you entertained while you're healing.

Think About Taking Out a Loan

There are loans out there that are designed for people who are awaiting injury-related settlements. If you are planning on receiving a settlement, talk to your attorney about the necessary paperwork that you need to take out one of these loans. Just be careful about loan terms, and don't borrow more than you need to get by until you receive your check.

Making it through while you're dealing with a work-related injury can be tough, but there are options for juggling your bills. Try these tips, and you can focus more on getting better and less on your unpaid bills.