Facing DUI Charges? How Restricted Licenses And Interlock Ignition Devices Work

Are you facing DUI charges? If so, you are probably wondering if spending the money on a DUI attorney is worth the expense. The short answer is yes, it is! Your offense may have been so blatant that there is no chance of having the charges dropped altogether, but your lawyer could help you protect your ability to drive with a restricted license. When you get a restricted license, you are required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your car. Here, you will learn about the device and how it will affect your life.

What is a restricted license?

Depending on what state you live in, a restricted license could be granted to provide you a way to get to work, to doctor and dentist appointments, and even church. The restricted license permits you to drive only where the Department of Transportation grants you permission to drive. You will submit a schedule that must be approved and you must stick with that schedule.

What is an interlock ignition device?

The ignition interlock device is installed by a mechanic. The device is wired into your starter wiring system. You will have a unit inside your car that you will be required to blow into before you start your car, and periodically while driving.

How does the ignition interlock device work?

Before you start your car, you press a button to activate the device. You then must blow into the device for a few seconds, inhale for a few seconds and blow into the device a few seconds longer. This breathing pattern is required so that you cannot use alternative methods of blowing air into the device to get your car started.

As your breath flows through the device, it takes a sample and tests it for alcohol. If you have alcohol on your breath, the device will not allow the car to start. Depending on the state in which you live, you could have to have the car towed in to have the device reset, or you could simply have to wait a certain number of hours before you can attempt to start the car again.

Your best option for protecting your ability to drive is to hire an attorney like Law Offices of Daniel Aaronson. Who knows? The attorney may find an error that the arresting officer made and get the charges reduced to reckless driving which could avoid a DUI charge on your record. Always talk with an attorney before heading to your first appearance in court.