4 Mistakes To Avoid If You Are Arrested

If you have been arrested you might be worried about your future. Whether you are guilty or innocent, it is important that you protect yourself as much as possible. Many people who are arrested make some serious mistakes. Here are some things to avoid when you are arrested.

1. Don't Blame Someone Else

One mistake that people make when they get arrested is to start selling out their friends and co-conspirators right away. This is a very dangerous game. By admitting that you know who did it, why they did, and that you were even slightly involved could prove that you had a hand in the crime. Instead, the best thing to do is to wait until you are being interrogated, with your lawyer present, to give out information about what you know pertaining to other people's involvement.

2. Don't Apologize

Another common mistake that people make is saying things like "I didn't mean to" or "I didn't know" etc. These kinds of statements can get you into trouble. They might be seen as an admission of guilt. Anything that you say after you are arrested is on the record, which means that they can use it against you. This is why you should stop talking and wait until your lawyer gets there. Even if you are innocent, it is better to wait until your lawyer can help you.

3. Don't Confide In Your Cellmates

Many people find friends and confidants in their cellmates. Even though you might have a seemingly great friendship with your cellmate, everyone has a price. Many cellmates have testified against their friend for a lighter sentence, a good report at a parole hearing, and much more. This is why it is better not to disclose any details about what you are being tried for to anyone but your lawyer. Even though it may feel lonely, not talking to others will only serve to protect you in the future.

4. Don't Panic

Although this may seem impossible, it is important that you try to stay calm through the whole process. When you start to panic, you might do things you regret. Instead, try to keep perspective and work towards getting yourself exonerated. One of the best ways to do this is to hire a really good criminal lawyer. They will help to tell your side of the story so that you will get fair treatment.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can protect yourself in the case that you are arrested.