Why An Attorney Might Call You After An Auto Accident

If you have recently been involved in a car accident, you might find yourself just wanting to sit around to get some rest. It might have never occurred to you that you need to call an attorney to represent yourself. Of course, that is, until an attorney that represents the guilty person has started to try to contact you. Understanding just why that attorney might be trying to get in touch with you should help you understand why you need an attorney of your own:

They Want You To Agree To No Law Suits

While you might not be eager to find yourself sitting in court, the person that is at fault is probably much more likely to want to skip the court process. Because of this, his or her attorney will try to contact you to convince you that this is not a case that would ever be seen by a judge.

However, it might be the fact that you generally have a huge case that they are trying to keep you away from the courthouse. They do not want to lose a lot of money or potentially end up in jail depending on the exact cause of the accident.

They Want You To Settle For Less Money

Will the attorney that represents the other person really know what kind of medical costs you are going to face over the following years? Will he or she have a true understanding of how much money you are going to miss out on because you have to stay home from work because of your current injuries and then the follow-up doctor appointments that you might have for a few years to come? Having your own attorney by your side will help make sure that you are not settling for less money than you should be entitled to.

Now that you can imagine yourself receiving phone calls from an attorney that represents the person responsible for the accident and how that attorney might try to get you into a situation that you are not comfortable with, it should be easy to see how you need your own attorney. Make sure that you are looking for an attorney that has a lot of experience with accident victims and has a high success right. Before you know it, you will have received the money you need and you will be well on your way to complete recover.

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