Kid Safety: Tips To Prevent Dog Bites & Factors To Consider

You might like dogs, but what should you do if a dog tries to attack you when you are out and about? The truth is about 4.7 million Americans are bitten by a dog each year. And about 42 percent of those cases involve children under 14 years of age. The following guide will help teach you and your children how to avoid this danger.

Signs Of Trouble

A study exposed some of the factors that could put your child or children in danger of a dog bite, such as the following:

  • Loud noises, like firecrackers, helicopters, or other similar sounds might agitate a dog, so keep your child away at this time.
  • Dogs with degenerative diseases, like liver diseases or osteoporosis, might be more prone to attack than healthy dogs. Try to get to know the dogs in your neighborhood to avoid dogs that are more likely to attack.

Simple Guide To Avoid Bites

Knowing how to prevent a dog bite is one thing, but what if your children are threatened by a dog anyway? You can teach them some of the following steps, which may help subdue the dog:

  1. Tell your child to avoid looking into the dog's eyes. This action may be misinterpreted by the canine as a challenge, further provoking the animal. 
  2. Do not run away from the dog, or try to run away from the animal, as this might make the canine more aggressive.
  3. Make sure you tell your child or children to not yell at the dog should he or she be confronted by one. Tell them to respond in a calm, yet commanding voice. You want your child to sound authoritative. Practice this voice to make sure that your child or children can do it.

Teach your child the following if the dog attempts to attack:

  • Your kid should try to give the dog an object to bite to avoid bodily injuries, like a sweater or a backpack.
  • Teach your child to roll up in a ball, covering up the face and head with his or her face.

Be sure to collect the names of witnesses, and the dog's owner information, should your child or children suffer the wrath of a dangerous canine. This should help you and your lawyer if you need to sue for medical expenses. If the worst should happen, be sure to contact an attorney with experience in personal injury cases from a firm like Roberts Miceli & Boileau LLP.