Pregnant And Unemployed – Are Unemployment Benefits Available?

It's never easy losing a job, but when you're pregnant and lose a job, things can become even more complicated than they would if you didn't have a baby growing in your belly. The further along you are in your pregnancy, the harder it can be to find someone willing to give you a job for the few short months that you will be available before having to take time off to bring your sweet baby into this world. Is it possible for pregnant women to obtain unemployment payments if they're terminated?

Why did you lose your job?

Take a look at the list of actions that would make you ineligible if you weren't pregnant. If the reason for termination is on that list, you will not receive benefits just because you were pregnant at the time of termination. If you can argue that the reason given for your termination is false, you may have a chance if you have a good lawyer working with you.

Is there anything that can be done if unemployment benefits were denied?

If you applied for unemployment benefits and were denied, it's probably time for you to talk with an employment attorney as quickly as possible. There is a small window in which you have to appeal the decision. An attorney that specializes in employment law will help you word your appeal and get it submitted in the time-frame required.

Are you medically allowed to work?

If you are put on bed rest or your doctor has limited your physical limitations, it is possible that you would be denied the unemployment benefits. One requirement to receive benefits is you must be capable both physically and emotionally to hold a job. A doctor's order that keeps you from working will also keep you from receiving unemployment benefits.

What do you do after you have the baby?

If you have been collecting benefits during your pregnancy, you must remember that you will not be able to claim benefits for the time that you are in the hospital having the baby or recovering from the experience. You must still report for those weeks, but you cannot claim benefits as you were actually unable to work during that time.

If you have questions about pregnancy and unemployment or feel that you have lost your job due to a discriminatory action by your employer, contact an experienced employment lawyer, such as at the Law Offices of Terry K. Davis, for help.