What To Do If You Get Food Poisoning From Packaged Food

Many cases of food poisoning come from fresh meat and produce that has not been handled or prepared properly. It's not as common for people to get food poisoning from packaged food, but it does happen. If you have recently developed food poisoning and think that it might be because of a packaged food that you ate, what follows are the next steps that you should take.

Seek Medical Attention

The primary thing that you should be concerned about after potentially contracting food poisoning is seeking medical attention. Some types of food poisoning can be deadly, so it's not a good idea to just wait it out and see if you feel better. Instead, see your doctor or head to the emergency room.

It's easy to become dehydrated when you have food poisoning because of diarrhea and vomiting which often go along with it. You may suffer other serious side effects as well. Seeking medical treatment will help with these symptoms and help prevent dehydration. A doctor can then help you determine the specific strain of food poisoning that you have and can help you determine what might have caused it.

Save the Remaining Food

If you still have some of the packaged food that you ate, your instinct might be to throw it away immediately. Even though you obviously should make sure that no one else in your family eats any more of it, it's a good idea to keep it. If you don't have the food itself, keep the packaging and anything else that you might have that helps prove what you purchased and ate, such as a receipt. The food can potentially be tested, and the packaging and receipt can help provide more information about what you ate -- such as the batch that the food came from and where it was manufactured -- and will provide proof that you purchased the item.

Hire a Lawyer

Food poisoning by a packaged food is something that should be taken seriously. You may have major medical bills because of it, and you'll want to help prevent others from going through what you went through. Hiring a product liability attorney will help you take these next steps.

Getting food poisoning isn't just incredibly unpleasant, it can even be fatal. Taking the right steps after contracting food poisoning from a packaged food is important. A product liability attorney can help you with your situation. Contact a law firm like Bennett  Law Firm PC for more information.