Why An Insurance Adjuster Might Make A Lowball Offer

If you have filed a personal injury case, you might be surprised to receive an extremely low offer (in your opinion) from the adjuster. Below are some of the reasons insurance adjusters sometimes make such offers.

They Auto-Computed the Offer

Some insurance companies use software to calculate settlement offers for their clients. This software takes into consideration various factors, such the nature of the injury, the period of recovery, and the age of the victim, among others. However, software cannot take into account every small piece of the puzzle that can affect your claim. Besides, automated software cannot adapt to different situations, which means they can ignore unique aspects of your case that other people might not have.

They Don't Have All Facts

An insurance adjuster can make a low offer if they don't have all the facts of the case. Maybe you have not submitted some key evidence, and the insurance company is working with the little information they have.

Many People Accept Such Offers

Insurance companies get away with low offers all the time. Many people don't know how to negotiate for the settlement they deserve. Some people also think it's a hustle to hold on for a bigger compensation. Some people also want to get their money as soon as possible, which is possible if they accept the low offers. The insurance company can, therefore, make you a low offer because they know they get away with it in many cases.

You Don't Know Your Case's Worth

An insurance adjuster can make you a low offer if they sense that you don't know how much your case is worth. Maybe the correspondence you have had with the adjuster and the nature of the evidence you have presented shows that you don't know the true value of your case. Maybe you haven't taken into consideration some special damages, such as your pain and suffering.

You Don't Have Strong Evidence

A good settlement is won on the strength of the available evidence. Even if you know you were seriously injured and you feel a lot of pain, you can't get good compensation if you can't prove your claims. Evidence comes in the form of medical history, medical bills, the impact of the injury on your life, and the impact of the injury on your income, among other things.

If you have received a lowball offer from an adjuster, you need to take time to analyze the offer before proceeding with the negotiations. If you don't have a personal injury law firm on your side yet, it's best to get one before proceeding.