The Factors A Judge Considers When Setting Bail Amount

While most courts have schedules for bail, they do not always stick to them. Instead, a judge will view a case and set bail based on many factors relating to the person and the crime. If you are ever arrested and are wondering how this works, you should understand that judges consider the following factors when determining bail.

The Crime

The nature of the crime you were arrested for plays a big role in the bail amount you will receive. In fact, if the crime is really serious, there is a chance the judge will not offer any bail. This is not usually the case, though, but it does happen for criminal charges such as rape and murder.

A judge will often look at the crime and the level of charge it is (felony or misdemeanor) and will base the decision on this. There are other factors other than this, though.

Your Flight Risk

The second factor is flight risk. This term refers to the likelihood a person will skip town after getting released from jail. A person that has a high likelihood of fleeing town after being released would be considered a high flight risk. A judge may require a much higher bail for a person like this, as having to pay a larger amount might be more of an incentive for the person to remain in town.

Obligations to Your Family

Judges will also consider the obligations a person has to their family when determining bail. If a person is a hard worker and has children to support, the judge would be more apt to set a lower bail. After all, a person like this has responsibilities that they must complete each day through work and family life.

The Safety of the Public

The other huge factor involved is the safety of the public, and this factor is closely related to the crime in question. If the judge feels that this person would pose safety risks to society if released, they may either set a really high bail amount or deny bail altogether. This is a major factor used by judges when they determine how much to set bail at for a defendant.

These are the primary factors a judge will evaluate when setting a bail amount for your crime. If you have questions or need financial assistance to get out, call a bail bond agent.

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