Are Divorce Applications Safe? A Cautionary Tale

When you plan to get a divorce, your first logical step is to hire an attorney to start the process. Thanks to all the technological advances available today, you have access to applications on a smart device you can use to help facilitate all or some of a divorce. However, there are some cautions you need to take before you embark on a "smart divorce" using applications. Here is what you need to know:

How Can an App Facilitate a Divorce?

One of the first questions you may have is whether or not a divorce fully or partially facilitated through an app is legal. This depends on several factors. The state you live in and the actual function of the app play a major role. Some apps are just a guide to help you navigate the process to help you save money on calls to your attorney. Other apps allow you to work out the details of your divorce with a mediator via video conference. No matter what app you choose, however, you will still need to file your divorce with the court and wait for a judge to hand down the decree. There is no application that will be able to complete the entire divorce process for you. If there is an app that promises to help you get divorced without ever going to court, proceed with caution.

When Should You Use a Divorce App?

There are several things to consider if you are thinking about utilizing a divorce app to help you with the details of your divorce. First, do you know for sure you are working with a legal, licensed attorney who is allowed to practice in your state? Do you have any significant issues that would best benefit from working hands-on with an attorney? This can include high net worth, business ownership, custody issues, and anything else that is of high importance. You do not want to take a chance on possibly losing out on what is legally yours because you did not work with an attorney directly.

You can, however, use a divorce app to help you stay organized. There are some apps with calendars and reminder functions to help you remember important hearing dates and meetings. This is a useful service that will not hurt you in the midst of your divorce.

Divorces can be expensive, and it is understandable to want to save money by utilizing a divorce application. However, let this be a cautionary tale. Saving some money now can end up costing you much more later on. For the best results, work with a licensed divorce attorney in your state so that you are represented fairly.

For more information, reach out to a local divorce attorney.