Types Of Negligence In Slip And Fall Cases

A slip and fall is an event where you fall down and hurt yourself because of negligent actions from a property owner or manager. Negligence from these parties can take several forms. Here are a couple of factors you'll want to keep in mind when potentially pursuing a slip and fall personal injury claim.

Limited Visibility

Sometimes, there isn't a lot of visibility around a commercial space. This typically happens around walkways on the exterior of buildings. A light system may have gone out that then makes it hard to see around walkways at night.

If you were walking around said property with limited visibility and injured yourself after a fall, then winning a personal injury claim is possible. The owner is responsible for maintaining their property, including the systems around it. 

Improper Maintenance Logs

Maintenance logs are very important for commercial property owners because they give them the ability to take care of systems and structures routinely. When these maintenance logs are abandoned, a lot of issues could happen around a property that then make people nearby susceptible to slip and falls.

For example, sidewalks can develop potholes, and by not keeping up with maintenance logs, property owners won't know about them, and then repairs are ignored.

That's a sign of negligence, and when put in this situation, help from a slip and fall lawyer is your best shot at holding the guilty party accountable and getting them to change property conditions sooner rather than later. 

Inadequate Response to Potential Hazard

Sometimes property owners will know that a hazard exists around their property, and yet don't do enough to ensure it doesn't impact people walking around or inside their building. If you were injured because a hazard was not properly taken care of by the property owner, then suing them is a reasonable response. 

You can then hire a slip and fall lawyer and seek some form of compensation from the property owner, which you can use to pay for medical bills or compensate for work vacancies. 

Negligence happens all of the time around commercial properties. It can affect people walking nearby. They may be walking fine one minute, but then slip and fall because a property owner didn't do the right things with their building. If you know what situations qualify as a legitimate slip and fall, you can handle it appropriately by taking legal action or by consulting with a slip and fall lawyer.