3 Reasons to Speak to a Car Accident Lawyer if You're the Victim of a Distracted Driving Accident

Many car crashes are caused by individuals who're not paying attention behind the wheel. Distraction can take several forms, including visual, cognitive, or manual. Some things, such as text messages, may make drivers shift their eyes from the road. Vehicle operators who often cause collisions because they're distracted can be held accountable for their actions and be compelled to pay victims for the losses incurred. If you're suffering due to such drivers' actions, it's advisable to contact a car accident lawyer. Here's are some reasons to reach out: 

1. Recovering Damages

Distracted driving crashes can cause victims to incur several losses. These include damage to the vehicle, lost income, future medical costs, wrongful death, mental suffering, and reduced quality of life. It's crucial that you're reimbursed for all the losses you've suffered to enable you to move on with your life and take care of your bills. 

A lawyer can help you determine all the losses for which you can file a reimbursement. They'll go through your medical records and analyze your destroyed property before calculating a precise amount that will cater for everything. If you have a permanent disability, they can help you get SSDI benefits and reimbursement for long-term care, rehabilitation, and physical therapy.

2. Determining Liability

All drivers are probably aware that they have a duty to ensure other motorists and pedestrians are safe. That's why they should focus their eyes on the road while driving. A lawyer is experienced in determining liability and can conduct a thorough investigation to find out the specific distraction that led to your mishap. The responsible driver could have been making a call, conversing with other passengers, writing emails or texts, daydreaming, or commenting on social media posts. Through the evidence they've collected, they'll file a lawsuit against the at-fault parties and get you reimbursed. 

3. Submitting Paperwork Before the Deadline

It can be easy to focus on recovering before filing a claim against the liable individual. While you should prioritize your health, you don't have all the time to submit your claim. States have statutes of limitations that require victims to submit their documents before a specific time elapses. If you send your paperwork late, you'll miss out on compensation. The good news is that a car accident lawyer can handle the paperwork for you as you focus on recovering. They'll also fill in all the required documents and submit them before the deadline to get you reimbursed.

If you're a victim of a distracted driving collision, you don't need to stress out. Contact a car accident lawyer who can handle the legal processes for you and ensure you get a favorable settlement.