How To Avoid Paying More Taxes Than You Have To On A Commercial Property

A large percentage of commercial property owners are paying more in taxes than they have to. If your commercial property taxes seem very high this year, it might be a good year to appeal your taxes, save money, and reinvest it in your business. It's easier to get started if you work with a commercial property tax attorney. 

Defend Your Rights

An attorney will inform you about your legal rights and will help you determine quickly whether it makes sense to appeal your property taxes. The first thing to find out is what the due date is for appealing your taxes. If you do not appeal your taxes by the deadline, you will no longer have access to the appeals process.

Learn the Legal Terms

Make sure to learn about the terms used during the commercial property tax appeals process. If there is anything you do not understand, make sure to ask your commercial property tax attorney. You will want to know the evaluation criteria that are being used to determine how much your commercial property is worth. 

Mail Your Appeal

Once you have prepared your appeal, you will then need to know where to mail the appeal. Following the right steps will avoid delays in processing your appeal. Your attorney will help you write an appeal letter and you could include your company letterhead on the appeal form.

Present Evidence

To successfully appeal your taxes, you will need to present evidence. Your commercial tax attorney will explain any paperwork you will need to file such as any appraisals carried out by third parties. You will also want to present pictures of your property and a map of your property. The location of your property will determine how much your property is worth.

If your property is not being taxed at the fair market value, you will almost always have a case for having your taxes reduced.

Attend Your Commercial Property Tax Hearing

The burden rests on you to prove the value of your property. Therefore, you must collect any data that will support your case. However, the facts you present need to be simple and brevity is important. When you attend a hearing, you will have a time limit in which you can present your appeal. The better you use your time, the more likely that your appeal will be approved. Then, you will have a much lower tax obligation. 

Contact a local law firm to learn more about the commercial property tax appeal process.