3 Ways A Family Attorney Can Help You During Divorce

Divorce cases are usually messy, especially when the parties involved cannot settle their affairs amicably. With the mixed emotions between the spouses, it's easy for the parties to want to hurt each other during the process. Hiring a family attorney to represent you would be in your best interest if you're going through a nasty divorce.

Here's how a divorce attorney can help you.

Negotiate for Fair Division of Assets

Each party is entitled to a share of the property during divorce proceedings. The spouses must agree on how to share their property depending on past agreements and future considerations. Unfortunately, when emotions run high during the proceedings, your spouse can try to defraud you of your share of the property. Thus, you'll need a divorce attorney.

They can help you negotiate a fair share of the property. For instance, if you keep the children, the attorney can argue that you should also keep living in the house so the kids have a stable shelter. 

Uncover Hidden Assets

Sometimes, a partner can hide some assets to stop you from profiting from them. With all the drama and chaos around divorce, you might not have the strength to do the detective work to unearth such assets. However, a family attorney can use their experience and skills to find these hidden assets and claim your fair share.

For instance, if you invested in a business with your spouse and they forge the financial records to show that it is bankrupt, your lawyer can employ their detective skills and prove the business's profitability. This way, you can claim your share of the profits and enjoy your ROI.

Help You Negotiate for Child Custody and Spousal and Child Support

One of the rawest areas in a divorce case is child custody, child support, and spousal support. Both spouses deserve equal access to their children as long as they honor their parental responsibilities. However, one spouse can try to deny the other their right to child custody to spite them. If you are in this undesirable position, a divorce attorney can help you gain access to your children.

They can negotiate for joint custody of the children or visiting rights where joint custody is not viable. If you get full custody of the children,  your lawyer can help you draft and negotiate for child support from the other spouse.

If your spouse has been taking care of you through spousal support while in marriage, the divorce attorney can help you push for the same even after the divorce. The lawyer can provide sufficient evidence to prove how vital spousal support is to you. They have to provide enough evidence that a lack of support will have adverse financial and psychosocial effects on your life. 

For more information, consult with a divorce attorney.