Is Your Boss Denying You Overtime Pay? Pursue Legal Action

Millions of Americans work extra hours every week in order to earn overtime pay for their hard work. However, some employers may try to deny this overtime pay by claiming their workers are exempt. If you find yourself suffering from this problem, don't hesitate to contact an employment law professional right away to pursue legal action.  Not Paying You Overtime Is A Federal Crime The federal overtime provision states that employees who work over 40 hours in a single week must receive overtime pay. [Read More]

Bad Money Moves And Divorce

It's only natural that worries about your children can take up all of your time during a divorce, but failure to attend to the below financial issues are bound to cause problems later on. Read on and get the scoop on some financial situations that you might need to pay attention to now and that might pay off for you later on. Budgeting 101 Your financial situation is about to undergo a big change and you will want to stay on top of it by adjusting your monthly budget pronto. [Read More]

In Need Of Legal Assistance? 4 Things You Need To Do To Prepare For Your First Appointment

If you're in need of legal assistance, the first thing you need to do is schedule your consultation. When it comes to retaining legal counsel, the initial consultation is crucial. It's during this initial appointment that you give the attorney all the pertinent information regarding your case. It's also during this appointment that your attorney begins to formulate a strategy for your case. Because of the importance, you need to be fully prepared for the appointment. [Read More]

Types Of Defective Products Cases, And How To Determine If You Can Sue

Defective products are everywhere. You buy some pens and they leak ink inside your shirt pocket. You buy a cleaner, but it does not remove the stains it claims to remove. Instead, it eats holes in what it was supposed to clean. You buy a car because the company claims that it has solved the "dirty diesel" problem and now you can drive an eco-friendly car. Instead, you find that the company cheated the emissions tests, and diesel is still as dirty as it ever was. [Read More]