3 Paths To Expanding Ownership Of Your Family Business

Do you want to expand ownership of your family business? For most small, family-run corporations, growth beyond the original owner(s) is vital to its continuity and success. But adding owners can be a difficult process. You have several choices when it comes to offering ownership to others, and each method is best used in certain circumstances. To help you and your potential successors find the right path, here's what you should know about the three most common routes to a business transition. [Read More]

Questions About Using a Lawyer for Your Auto Accident Case

The injury that results from an auto accident can be devastating to you, in terms of both your finances and your health. That's why many people turn to a lawyer to help them navigate this difficult legal situation. Here are a few answers to common questions about using a lawyer for auto accident-related injury cases. How Do Consultations Work? The first step of working with an attorney will be to receive a consultation regarding your case. [Read More]

What Counts As Dental Malpractice?

If you're worried that you might have to talk with a dental malpractice lawyer about something you've suffered through, you may also wonder whether your case represents an instance of malpractice. People can file claims and suits based on actions that amount to anything from dental negligence to outright malice. Let's look at 6 ways the conduct of a professional might constitute dental malpractice. Failing to Meet a Standard of Care [Read More]

Pursuing Child Support After Divorcing a Military Member

If you are divorcing somebody in the military, you might wonder if you are entitled to child support in the same way that other people do. When you go through a divorce, can you request child support? What happens when your ex-spouse is difficult to find? The truth is that you have options, and you can take the following steps today to secure financial support for your child. 1. Members of the Military Must Provide for Dependents [Read More]