How Divorce Mediation Can Make A Divorce More Fair

If you are discussing your divorce with your divorce attorney, one option they might mention is divorce mediation. You may be concerned that the current terms of the divorce for you are not fair, and divorce mediation is one strategy you can use to solve this problem. However, there are some cases where the courts might need to address your ex-partner's behavior. The Issue of Dominance In Divorce Often, in a divorce negotiation, one party might dominate in the conversation. [Read More]

Things To Understand About A Restricted Driver's License After An OVI Conviction

Someone who has been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol faces the loss of driving privileges if convicted. Avoiding conviction may be impossible if the illegal blood alcohol content has been verified, and law enforcement officials acted appropriately. An OVI lawyer can help this person obtain a restricted license allowing driving for purposes like getting to work and transporting children to school. The Main Concern for Some [Read More]

Why It's Worth It To Hire A Workers' Compensation Attorney After A Serious Workplace Injury

You should be able to count on your employer's workers' compensation insurance to cover you if you are injured on the job, and it's not always — or even usually — necessary for you to hire an attorney. If you are the victim of a minor injury while you're at work, for example, you should be able to see the doctor and get the medical care that you need without worrying about paying for those expenses yourself. [Read More]

Types Of Negligence In Slip And Fall Cases

A slip and fall is an event where you fall down and hurt yourself because of negligent actions from a property owner or manager. Negligence from these parties can take several forms. Here are a couple of factors you'll want to keep in mind when potentially pursuing a slip and fall personal injury claim. Limited Visibility Sometimes, there isn't a lot of visibility around a commercial space. This typically happens around walkways on the exterior of buildings. [Read More]