What A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Do For You

Being charged with a criminal offense not only leaves a permanent record, but can also lead to hefty fines and jail time. This is why it is essential to invest in a good lawyer who can handle the matter with the seriousness and wittiness it deserves.

As a client, it is crucial to know the kind of services and support you should get from your most experienced attorneys. The following are some of the services and support you should expect from a criminal lawyer:

Legal Advice

When it comes to dealing with criminal cases, the outcome of the case depends as much on the client as it does on the lawyer. It is the lawyers work to prepare and present a defense case in the court of law. The conduct of the defendant during the case is a very crucial part of this defense.

You need to completely honest with the attorney to all matters directly or even indirectly connected to the case. The lawyer can then advise you on how to behave, how to answer questions and the kind of information to give in order to have a chance at a successful outcome.

Entering a plea

Pleading either guilty or not guilty determines the direction in which your case will go. Criminal lawyers defend both guilty and innocent clients. Therefore, if you are guilty of the crime with a lot of indisputable evidence to support it, the attorney will advise you to enter the guilty plea and work on getting you a minimal sentence or a more favorable punishment. Pleading guilty in such cases also reduces the amount of time wasted in and out of court for the duration of the case.


In order to prepare a strong case, the lawyer also needs to do their own thorough investigations on all the evidence and witnesses presented in the case. Most law firms hire their own private investigator to gather more evidence and information for the case.

Protect your rights

Every individual has rights that should be protected whether you have been charged with a criminal offense or not. Many people who have been arrested often experience a lot of rights violation such as invasion of personal space, illegal questioning and coercion by the arresting officers. You criminal defense lawyer will ensure that all your rights are respected by making sure the police have warrants for searching personal property. They will also accompany you during interrogations to avoid any kind of coercion into admitting the crime.