Three Examples of How Bizarre Crime Set-Ups Can Get

How would you feel if you were accused of a crime you did not commit? It would be devastating and wrong, but these things do happen, and you can easily go to jail in spite of your innocence. Here are three cases of people who were set up by others for crimes they did not commit:

Attempted Rape Conspiracy

In 2010, a man and his wife accused a man of trying to rape the wife. According to the couple, the suspect broke into their home and attempted to rape the wife while threatening her with a knife held to her throat. The suspect was arrested and charged with attempted rape and assault.

On further investigations, however, police officers learned that it was all a set-up. It appears that the man suspected his wife of having an affair with the suspect. For revenge, he convinced his wife to get involved in an elaborate ruse to lure the suspect into the house, beat him up, and accuse him of attempted rape. In the end, the suspect sued the couple for defamation and walked away with $1.5 million as damages.

Sex Offense and Assassination Threats

In 2009, a lawyer was suspected of being a pedophile and threatening politicians (including the United States Vice President) with death. First, it was his superiors and coworkers who complained after a social media page appeared with his name and pornographic images of children. His coworkers also received sexual harassment emails from his genuine email account. Next, the Secret Service visited and accused him of threatening politicians, including Vice President Joe Biden, with death.

The lawyer was fortunate because the investigations revealed that all these heinous things were being done by the lawyer's neighbor. The neighbor had hacked into the lawyers Wi-Fi account and sent all those threatening and pornographic messages. He was doing this in retaliation because the lawyer had called the police on him for planting a wet kiss on the lawyer's son. The neighbor-cum-hacker ended up being sentenced to 18 years in jail.


In 2009, a woman was arrested and charged with robberies. Three people who claimed they were victims of the woman's crime came forward with the report, and they picked out the woman in a lineup as the person who had robbed them. While the suspect was in prison awaiting trial, an unnamed witness came forward and exonerated her.

It turns out that the whole thing had been planned by the woman's former boyfriend. Apparently, the woman had accused the former boyfriend of rape, and the false robbery allegation was his way of getting back at her. The former boyfriend was found guilty of both the initial crime (rape) and the false allegations and sentenced to 32 years in prison.

As you can see, there are no shortages of outlandish things people can do to get you in trouble with the law. It is even sadder that some of them do succeed. If you don't want to fall victim to such false allegations, then you should hire a lawyer if you are ever accused of a crime. Get a lawyer like Robert E Long & Associates Ltd even if you are sure of your innocence.