Things To Understand About A Restricted Driver's License After An OVI Conviction

Someone who has been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol faces the loss of driving privileges if convicted. Avoiding conviction may be impossible if the illegal blood alcohol content has been verified, and law enforcement officials acted appropriately. An OVI lawyer can help this person obtain a restricted license allowing driving for purposes like getting to work and transporting children to school.

The Main Concern for Some

For some people, license suspension is their main concern connected with an OVI conviction. If this is their first offense, the risk of more than a few days of jail time is low. They can afford to pay the fine, although this will be hundreds of dollars. They accept the inevitable hike in their auto insurance premiums. A skilled OVI attorney presents the case for why this individual should be allowed to continue driving.

Reasons for a Restricted License

A restricted license issued after an OVI conviction is mainly intended for people who have no other way of getting to work and back. They do not have access to public transportation or taxi service, or the cost of cab fare could be prohibitive. These people might live out of town and not have anybody nearby to provide ride service.

A judge may also approve the request if not driving would be a significant hardship for another reason. Most commonly, these reasons involve transporting children or receiving medical care.

In some cases, being unable to bring children to and from school or other locations could put custody at risk. The need for medical treatment might require the person to frequently travel to another city. Some individuals are granted a hardship license so they can participate in psychological counseling or outpatient alcohol rehab.


After the court allows a conditional license, the person must only drive during the hours and days specified. The geographic area in which driving is allowed also is restricted. If this individual is caught driving outside of the area or restricted time frame, privileges will be lost once more. The license could be revoked if this person gets into additional legal trouble.

Getting Started

An OVI attorney represents clients who are applying for a restricted license and in the process of eventually having the original license reinstated. Reinstatement is not automatic at the end of the suspension period. Anyone needing this kind of legal representation may contact an OVI defense attorney to schedule a consultation.

To learn more, reach out to an OVI lawyer in your area.