How Divorce Mediation Can Make A Divorce More Fair

If you are discussing your divorce with your divorce attorney, one option they might mention is divorce mediation. You may be concerned that the current terms of the divorce for you are not fair, and divorce mediation is one strategy you can use to solve this problem. However, there are some cases where the courts might need to address your ex-partner's behavior.

The Issue of Dominance In Divorce

Often, in a divorce negotiation, one party might dominate in the conversation. The dominant party can often end up with everything that they want, while you may be left feeling like the deal isn't fair. However, when you are handling your divorce negotiations through mediation, the mediator will use their training to correct any imbalances that result. 

However, if the other party is engaged in threatening behavior outside of mediation, you will want to bring this up with your lawyer, because a mediator will only be aware of behaviors that occur in front of them. Your attorney will assist you in gathering the evidence necessary to prove that this type of behavior is occurring. If your partner is abusive, it may be a bad idea to rely on mediation, and your divorce lawyer will go over other better options you can choose.

How Emotional Problems Can Affect Your Divorce

Rather than being focused on negotiating, your spouse might be looking for attention or may even be trying to change your mind about going through with the divorce. Your ex might have a feeling of superiority over you and might monopolize conversations.

Because of the attitude of your ex, you might find it difficult or impossible to negotiate a settlement with your ex. Your ex might have no intention of ending negotiations until you give your partner what they want, regardless of how ridiculous it is. The act of winning might seem more important than what is actually won.

How to Proceed

Regardless of whether you intend to use mediation or negotiate outside of mediation, you will need help from a divorce lawyer who can help you stand firm and develop a strategy to handle the personality of your ex.

Make sure that your attorney immediately knows what your priorities are. Then, get your paperwork in order. A divorce lawyer can help you with this process and can also help you maintain more emotional distance from the situation so it is easier to manage.