How Your State Of Residence Affects Your Bankruptcy Filing

If the time has come to declare that you can no longer pay your financial obligations given your income, a chapter 7 may be in your future. When it comes to residency requirements for filing bankruptcy, you must reside in a state for two years before you can file using the laws of that state. The place you live matters a great deal when it comes to filing bankruptcy, as you can see from the information below, so read on to find out how your state of residence affects your filing. [Read More]

Why An Insurance Adjuster Might Make A Lowball Offer

If you have filed a personal injury case, you might be surprised to receive an extremely low offer (in your opinion) from the adjuster. Below are some of the reasons insurance adjusters sometimes make such offers. They Auto-Computed the Offer Some insurance companies use software to calculate settlement offers for their clients. This software takes into consideration various factors, such the nature of the injury, the period of recovery, and the age of the victim, among others. [Read More]

3 Tips For Recovering From Your Truck Accident

If you have been involved in a truck accident, recovery is probably the number one thing that is on your mind. Recovering from a serious accident is not an easy road to be on, but the tips below can help you get back to normal -- or as close to it as possible -- as soon as you can so that you can move on with your life. 1. Take Time Off to Recover [Read More]

Liability And Slip And Fall Claims

The management and owners of businesses have certain responsibilities to the customers that visit their premises. That means that accidents that happen on a business' property could be subject to a personal injury claim. You might be entitled to take action if you can show that the business is liable for your injury. Liability is a legal concept that means the same thing as fault. Read on to find out more about the part liability plays when you get hurt at a business location. [Read More]