Pregnant And Unemployed – Are Unemployment Benefits Available?

It's never easy losing a job, but when you're pregnant and lose a job, things can become even more complicated than they would if you didn't have a baby growing in your belly. The further along you are in your pregnancy, the harder it can be to find someone willing to give you a job for the few short months that you will be available before having to take time off to bring your sweet baby into this world. [Read More]

Divorce Property and Debts

If you and your spouse are divorcing, the division of property and debt can be one of the most contentious issues you experience. While it is always recommended that parties work together to create a plan for addressing debts and assets, the law does provide guidance on how it should be handled. States are divided in the manner that they address the marital estate, with most states following what is called equitable distribution and a few following community laws. [Read More]

Helpful DUI Advice for an Alcoholic

It is never wise to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after you have been hanging out and consuming large amounts of alcohol. If you don't have the will power to stop drinking so much when you are hanging out in clubs and bars, you should try to avoid a DUI charge at all costs. There are also ways that you can strengthen your case if you happen to get caught and charged with a DUI. [Read More]

4 Common Divorce Mistakes To Avoid

A divorce can be a very emotional and stressful process for a couple, but if you and your spouse are ending your marriage, it is important to react appropriately if you want the dissolution to go smoothly. Many people make mistakes during a divorce, which can make everything much more difficult. If you're getting divorced, avoid the following common mistakes: Not Hiring a Divorce Lawyer No one is legally required to have a lawyer during a divorce, but it is in your best interest to retain a divorce lawyer to work on your behalf. [Read More]