When Your Food Is Anything But Wholesome

It's nice to leave the kitchen chores behind and grab a meal out at a restaurant. After all, you can relax and focus on your friends and family rather than cooking and cleaning. You just naturally put your trust in the eating establishment when it comes to serving safe food, but sometimes the food you consume makes you ill. When a trip out to a restaurant turns into a need for medical care, you are entitled to seek damages. [Read More]

Work In A Commission-Based Field? Keep These Tips In Mind Regarding Child Custody

If you earn the bulk of your income through commission, which is common in professions such as sales, you'll need to keep a series of points in mind during a situation in which you'll be paying child support following a divorce. Child support is necessary to help give your children the opportunities that they deserve, but the nature of your business can introduce some challenges of which you'll need to be mindful. [Read More]

Questions During Your Social Security Disabilty Hearing

When you file for Social Security Disability coverage, chances are you will have to appeal a denial at least one time. To do so, you will need to retain an attorney to help you appeal. When you appeal, you will hopefully get a hearing. It is important that you know what you are going to say when you get to your hearing. The way in which you answer the questions asked by the judge can impact the result of your hearing. [Read More]

Is Your Boss Denying You Overtime Pay? Pursue Legal Action

Millions of Americans work extra hours every week in order to earn overtime pay for their hard work. However, some employers may try to deny this overtime pay by claiming their workers are exempt. If you find yourself suffering from this problem, don't hesitate to contact an employment law professional right away to pursue legal action.  Not Paying You Overtime Is A Federal Crime The federal overtime provision states that employees who work over 40 hours in a single week must receive overtime pay. [Read More]