Do You Need A Lawyer To Buy A Home?

Buying house isn't just a significant investment, it's also one of the most complicated processes a typical American will be a part of. The amount of paperwork that you have to prepare just to get approved for a mortgage is substantial. Tabling your offer, closing the deal and handling inspections will also add another layer of complication to the process. Because of the amount of money that is at stake, the last thing you'd want to do is to end up with a raw deal. [Read More]

How To Divorce When Custody Is Uncertain

Child custody is, perhaps, the most complicated aspect of any divorce. While other aspects of divorce have to do with what's good for either or both of the individuals that are getting divorced, custody is all about what's good for a separate individual. There are many reasons why custody is a challenging aspect of divorce. What works for either party may conflict with the interest of the child. The divorce can often be finalized long before the custody issue so how should you approach the divorce when custody is still uncertain? [Read More]

The Basics Of American Diability Discrimination Law

In the United States, federal law requires that employers and public accommodations make reasonable efforts to assist people who have disabilities in going about their jobs and basic daily activities. These efforts are expected to extend to folks who might apply for work at a company or come there as customers. For example, a grocery store would expect individuals with mental or physical disabilities to regularly visit in order to buy things. [Read More]

Hurt While Shopping And Personal Injury Actions

Store owners, managers, and employees owe you a duty of care. This means that you should be able to patronize a business without fear of being hurt and the burden of ensuring your safety is on the business. Read on to find out more about the duties you are owed by a business. It's Not Your Fault No one walks into a store to do some shopping and expects to get injured. [Read More]