Types Of Defective Products Cases, And How To Determine If You Can Sue

Defective products are everywhere. You buy some pens and they leak ink inside your shirt pocket. You buy a cleaner, but it does not remove the stains it claims to remove. Instead, it eats holes in what it was supposed to clean. You buy a car because the company claims that it has solved the "dirty diesel" problem and now you can drive an eco-friendly car. Instead, you find that the company cheated the emissions tests, and diesel is still as dirty as it ever was. [Read More]

Injured At Work? What You Can And Cannot Receive Compensation For

As an employee, it's helpful to know that if you are injured at work, you have workers compensation to provide compensation for you. Of course, this is only if your injury applies. There are certain injuries that you are not able to receive coverage for, but more often than not, people are more unaware of what injuries they actually can receive coverage for, which is why so many people miss out on compensation because they don't believe it qualifies. [Read More]

What Is Jury Consulting, And Why Do You Need It?

Your legal representation may have suggested that you get jury consulting for your case. What is it, and why do you need it? Read on to find out.  What is Jury Consulting? Jury consultants are professionals who have mastered the social science of choosing a jury for a trial and ensuring that the jury behaves appropriately. They also provide advice on how to best reach a jury. Their training is both legal and psychological in nature. [Read More]

Mental Conditions And Social Security

Most people understand that if they are unable to work at their jobs due to a medical condition, they may qualify for Social Security benefits. What many don't know is that unseen and not so obvious disorders are also covered under this valuable government program. Many people are so affected by mental disorders that they are unable to make a living since they are unable to work at all. If you are suffering from some very common disorders, like anxiety, depression, mood and personality disorders and more, you may qualify for Social Security benefits. [Read More]