Why Your New Corporation Needs Legal Experts On Its Side

Did you just turn your growing business into an official corporation? Have you run a small corporation for years but you are now increasing your footprint? A growing business can become a legal target for a variety of different reasons. It's a good idea for any business owner or executive team to look into bringing in corporation litigation experts long before the company actually needs to go to a courtroom. Here are just some of the ways that a corporate litigation expert could assist you or your firm. [Read More]

Why A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Is Worth It

When you choose to file for bankruptcy, you are announcing that you are not able to pay off your debts. When this is the case, you'll have the opportunity to discharge all of your debts and receive a fresh start. However, you might wonder if you will face any consequences for filing for bankruptcy. While there are some downsides, you will be able to avoid many consequences by consulting with a bankruptcy attorney. [Read More]

Is Something Wrong With My Workers' Compensation Claim? Reasons For Denial

Your employer is required to provide you with a safe environment to carry out your work responsibilities. So, if you get injured in the workplace because of their inability to cater to your safety, you can sue them and get a personal injury settlement. Employers know this, and they often set up workers' compensation coverage. Thus, you can apply for compensation if you prove that you were injured while working. In such cases, it can be distressing to learn that your claim got denied. [Read More]

4 Questions To Ask When Meeting With A Divorce Attorney For The First Time

Are you getting ready to meet with a divorce attorney for the first time? The prospect can seem overwhelming, so it's a good idea to show up prepared with a list of questions for the lawyer to answer that will help ensure that you know what to expect during the divorce process. Here are some questions you can use to get your list started:  Is Mediation an Option? If you have a decent relationship with your soon-to-be ex, you may be able to settle your divorce through mediation services, Mediation gives both parties an opportunity to come together and compromise when it comes to things like alimony, child custody, and the division of assets. [Read More]