Facing DUI Charges? How Restricted Licenses And Interlock Ignition Devices Work

Are you facing DUI charges? If so, you are probably wondering if spending the money on a DUI attorney is worth the expense. The short answer is yes, it is! Your offense may have been so blatant that there is no chance of having the charges dropped altogether, but your lawyer could help you protect your ability to drive with a restricted license. When you get a restricted license, you are required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your car. [Read More]

4 Things That Can Jeopardize Your Workers Compensation Claim

If you have recently been injured while you were on the job, you probably know how important workers compensation can be. You don't want to be stuck paying your own expensive medical bills, especially when you are unable to work. Plus, you will probably need a little bit of help with cash while you're going through the healing process. Unfortunately, there are some cases in which workers compensation will try to get out of paying for the services that it is supposed to cover. [Read More]

How To Juggle Your Bills When You're Out Of Work For An Injury

If you have recently been injured while you were at work, you could be wondering how you are supposed to pay your bills and support your family while you aren't making a paycheck. It can be hard enough to deal with the pain and suffering of your injury, and your regular bills are probably already starting to pile up. If you have medical bills piling up as well, it might feel like a hopeless cause. [Read More]