Your Teen Arrested For DUI? 4 Ways To Help Prevent A Repeat Offense

Your teenager has been arrested for DUI. They're going through the court system, but you want to make sure that they don't repeat the behavior later on. You could take their driving privileges away from, but if you really want to make a lasting impression on them, don't stop there. Here are four techniques that will help you teach your teenager about the dangers of drinking and driving. Have Them Attend a Survivors Support Group [Read More]

Is It True That Parents Must Pay Child Support for Disabled Children for Life?

When a non-custodial parent is ordered to pay child support as part of the divorce decree, the parent reasonably expects that he or she is only required to pay that money until the child reaches the age of majority. However, there are exceptions to this rule, and one of them requires parents to provide long-term support to disabled children in certain situations. If you're a parent of a disabled child, here's what you need to know about this issue to help you make adequate preparations during your divorce. [Read More]

3 Estate Planning Issues To Discuss With Your Elder Law Attorney

Elder law is the legal specialty that focuses on laws that impact the elderly. A common misconception is that only people with a lot of assets or money need to work with an elder law attorney. The truth is that if you have a pension, life insurance or have preferences as to which friend or family member will inherit anything from you, you need legal advice.   Clarify What Cannot Be Given Or Transferred Through Your Will  [Read More]

Getting Custody Of Grandchildren: How A Family Lawyer Can Help

Are you trying to get custody of your grandchildren because they are living in a bad environment? A lawyer can help you take your son or daughter to court to argue your case, and you may be able to at least get temporary custody. Find out how a family lawyer can help you execute your rights as a grandparent, as well as what you are estimated to be charged.     [Read More]