Important Services To Expect From An Experienced Employment Attorney

When you are hired for a state or federal government job, you expect your employer to treat you fairly. However, just as in the private sector, your work conditions, pay rate, or other factors may not be acceptable. You will need to work with your employer to get these issues resolved. Rather than approach your employer on your own, you can retain legal counsel to assist you. An employment attorney can provide you with a number of services designed to improve your work conditions and pay rate. [Read More]

4 Real Estate Legal Services You May Need

The real estate legal services profession covers a diverse range of issues. If you're not sure whether you need to hire this type of law firm to help, here are four scenarios where it's probably a good choice. Property Transactions Buying, selling, and transferring real estate are all important tasks, and they have major legal implications. From the moment someone lists a location for sale, there are concerns about the representations they make regarding the property's condition. [Read More]

3 Paths To Expanding Ownership Of Your Family Business

Do you want to expand ownership of your family business? For most small, family-run corporations, growth beyond the original owner(s) is vital to its continuity and success. But adding owners can be a difficult process. You have several choices when it comes to offering ownership to others, and each method is best used in certain circumstances. To help you and your potential successors find the right path, here's what you should know about the three most common routes to a business transition. [Read More]

Questions About Using a Lawyer for Your Auto Accident Case

The injury that results from an auto accident can be devastating to you, in terms of both your finances and your health. That's why many people turn to a lawyer to help them navigate this difficult legal situation. Here are a few answers to common questions about using a lawyer for auto accident-related injury cases. How Do Consultations Work? The first step of working with an attorney will be to receive a consultation regarding your case. [Read More]